Kampala MPs Meet To Block “City Take Over” By Government

Members of Parliament from greater Kampala are to convene tomorrow to discuss the recently tabled Kampala Capital City Authority (Amendment) Bill 2015.
One of the most contentious proposed amendments is one that transfers powers to elect the lord mayor from city dwellers to the Councilors.
The amendments also give the city executive director more powers to run the authority without consultation from the political wing making the elected mayor ceremonial.

The seeks to among other things amend the Kampala Capital City Authority Act 2010 to streamline and strengthen the governance of the capital city.

Once passed into law it provides for election of the Lord Mayor and Deputy Lord Mayor by the council from the Councillors and not the public as has been the case.
Now the Kampala MPs say this contravenes sections of the constitution that dictate that power belongs to the people.
Shadow local government minister Betty Nambooze tomorrow’s meeting is intended to devise means of stopping what she calls the Kampala take-over.

Story By Hadijah Mwanje