Kampala Minister Betty Kamya promises to evict taxi’s from the streets

The Kampala Minister Betty Kamya has promised to evict taxi drivers from the streets just like she did with the vendors.
This follows the cry made by the USAFI traders to her during her visit to the market earlier today.
Traders in unison said that the reason the market is not thriving in terms of business is because taxi drivers no longer in the taxi park but not streets trying to have an easy way to passengers since the latter finds it difficult to move further to the park.
Kamya however promised to send street drivers to the parks just like she is sending street vendors to the markets.
The minister said that the move to evict vendors from the streets was not as aggressive as it was interpreted by those affected but it was aimed at improving the status of the capital city.
She added that the city had been messed up and as long as she was appointed the Minister by the President, she will ensure that the city is brought back to order.
Kamya added that street vendors should comply with the Trade Act by filling up spaces in the markets especially USAFI which she said has a lot of space and they need to be occupied.