Kampala Lord Mayor goes to court in power struggle

The power struggle between the city Lord Mayor and the Executive Director Jennipher Musisi has been escalated to the courts of law.

The Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago has sued Jennipher Musisi, accusing her of undermining his authority and frustrating his efforts.

In the civil suit filed before the High Court this morning, Lukwago is seeking an order from the court that the continuous disregard of his office as merely ceremonial in illegal.

Lukwago cites key decisions that have been taken without consultation of the KCCA political wing such as the eviction of vendors from the streets as unlawful.

He also wants court to compel the Executive Director to explain the alleged fraudulent sale of the KCC dispensary on Plot 71, Nkrumah road as well as the prosecution of the culprits.

The Lord Mayor wants the court to declare the continued undermining of his powers is illegal and against the KCCA Act.

Musisi has two weeks within which to file her defense.