Kadaga tells off Minister over army brutality talk


By Ritah Kemigisa

The speaker of parliament, Rebecca Kadaga has told off a minister who attacked her in her office and warned her to stop talking about the alleged army brutality on fishermen L. Victoria.

The UPDF soldiers were on the spot last year for torturing fishermen on Lake Victoria and other fishing communities over illegal fishing.

However President Yoweri Museveni while in Nakasongola district defended the army saying their operations on the lake were yielding fruit for the short period they had intervened.

Speaking at the ecumenical prayers held at parliament today, Kadaga said the minister whose identity she did not disclose told her that exposing the atrocity committed by the army was only destroying their image and that of government.

Now Kadaga said will not stop talking about the army and any other government agency that tortures Ugandans unless they stop doing so.

It is from this that she vowed to continue speaking out about corruption and exposing the corrupt leaders.

Kadaga also said she will not protect anyone who is corrupt just because they belong to a particular party.