Kadaga declared Speaker

The NRM’s Rebecca Kadaga has been declared Speaker of Parliament with 302 votes, while her opponent Nandala Mafabi polled 57.

There were 2 Invalid votes and a total 359 MPs participated in the vote.

The invalid votes included one which was cast for outgoing speaker Edward Sekandi who was not in the race and another for Jacob Oulanya, who is a candidate for the position of Deputy Speaker of Parliament.

Kadaga has been sworn in and the chief Justice Benjamin Odoki has handed her the instruments of power.

She will now preside over the elections for the position of Deputy Speaker, for which the NRM’s Jacob Oulanya and the FDC’s Odonga Otto are the main candidates.

Kadaga becomes the first woman Speaker for the Ugandan Parliament and has promised objective service.

Story by Olive Eyotaru