Judiciary responds to Bamugemereire accusations

By Benjamin Jumbe.

The Judiciary has expressed concern over a press release issued by the land inquiry commission in regard to the handling of land matters by the courts of Judicature.

In the press release, Justice Catherine Bamugemereire, who also chairs the Commission of Inquiry into Land Matters condemned what she termed as “bogus judgments and orders” in the eviction of bibanja holders

She warned that if the Judiciary, the third arm of the State did not rise to the occasion, land would be captured wholly by land grabbers and used as a catalyst of untold social distress arising from pressure on land.

Responding to the claims the Chief Justice in a statement issued today said the Judiciary would have expected the commission to communicate issues of such a serious nature in form of an interim report to the president and not a press release.

He said the judiciary and government would have then studied the report and taken appropriate action, including giving the officers mentioned an opportunity to defend themselves.

The chief Justice however says the Judiciary is to further study the press release and try to work on it appropriately with any Judicial officer found to have acted outside the law to be dealt with accordingly.