Judiciary launches Standards Utilities and Wildlife court

By Ruth Anderah

The Judiciary has today launched the Standards Utilities and Wildlife court to penalise consumers and manufacturers who don’t conform to the Standards of consumer goods and services.

The court which is comprises a chief magistrate and two grade one magistrates, is temporarily housed at Buganda Road Chief magistrate’s court and derives its jurisdictions from the Uganda Communications’ Act, Wild Life Act and the Electricity and National Water and Sewerage Acts.

At the  launch presided over by Chief justice Bart Katureebe at the High court Kampala, several stake holders including UMEME, National Water, UCC, Uganda Wildlife and the Uganda National Bureau of Standards applauded the judiciary for introducing this  court to effectively handle their special and unique complaints.

The court will   mainly handle cases of power and water theft, unregulated media and telecommunication companies, poachers and smugglers of animal species and traders who sell sub-standard products.

In addition to enhancing the efficiency of adjudicating upon these cases , the court will also  facilitate the reduction of case backlog and decongestion of prisons.