Judicial officers asked to work diligently

By Ruth Anderah. 

The Chief Justice Bart Katureebe has asked the newly sworn in judicial officers to do their work diligently and maintain high levels of integrity so they can be trusted by the public.

He has also assured the public that in-case of any corruption allegations made against any officer they shall be immediately investigated and a decision will be made.

Katureebe however says that even with recent appointments, there is still need for more judges to avoid case backlog in courts of judicature.

The newly appointed Justices on Supreme Court Bench are Richard Buteera and Paul Mugamba who were previously at the court of Appeal and constitutional court respectively.

For the Court of Appeal and the Constitutional Court they are Justices; Ezekiel Muhanguzi, Percy Tuhaise, Christopher Madrama and Stephen Musota.

The new judges on the High Court Bench are Paul Gadenya, Olive KazaarweMukwaya, Joyce Kavuma, Alex Ajiiji, TadeoAsimwe and Emmanuel Baguma.

Others are Jane Francis Abodo, a state attorney from DPP’s office, Richard Wabwire, city lawyer Musa Sekaana and Conelia Kakooza who moves from the PPDA.