Judges to be subjected to performance targets

Former CJ at a recent judges'conference
Former CJ at a recent judges’ conference

Judges and other judicial officers have finally agreed to be subjected to performance targets, just like other public officers.
A statement from the judiciary indicates that a performance management tool will be rolled out in July this year, providing for a 360 degree assessment mechanism for judicial officers.
According to the Chief Court Registrar Paul Gadenya, the plan shall include the re-engagement of retired judges, on contract-basis, to assist with the case backlog.
These, he says will get a salary, gratuity and other benefits and will be allocated a specific number of cases and targets.
At a meeting held last Friday and chaired by Principal Judge Yorokamu Bamwine over 45 High Court judges confirmed their performance targets.
Under the arrangement, a High Court judge will handle to completion a minimum of 300 court cases a year.
The Supreme Court target shall be 80 cases; the Court of Appeal (800); registrars (400); Chief Magistrates (800); Magistrates Grade I with more than two years in service (400 cases); new Magistrates Grade I (300), and Magistrate Grade II (300).
The program is to be supported by both government, development partners and the Justice Law and Order Sector; the courts are expected to complete at least 162,720 cases this year.

Story by Ruth Anderah