Judges betrayed Uganda in their age limit ruling

By Ritah Kemigisa.

Lawyers have described last evening’s Supreme Court ruling as a betrayal of Ugandans.

Last evening, president Yoweri got what some referred to as an arly Easter gift after the Supreme Court upheld the Constitutional Court decision that retained the amendment of the presidential age-limit law.

The Chief Justice Bart Katureebe concurred with the 3 justices of the Constitutional Court that the amendments were lawfully made and dismissed the Appeal with orders that each party bears its own costs.

On a 4:3 majority judgment, court essentially gave president Museveni a thumbs up to contest for the 2021 general election and beyond if he so wishes.

Now the Director-Center for Constitutional Governance Sarah Bireete says the ruling shows betrayal of Uganda’s constitutionalism and rule of law.

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