Judges also Threaten to strike

By Ruth Anderah:

Judicial officers have also given government a one month ultimatum up to the 23rd August 2017 to increase their salaries threatening to lay down their tools.

The resolution for an industrial action has been reached at the extra-ordinary General meeting by the Uganda Judicial officers Association (UJOA) convened at the Kampala High court premises.

In the meeting 185 judicial officers, High court judges, Magistrates and Registrars voted not to step at their places of work if government does not commit in writing to increase their salaries.

The officers refused to yield to the pleadings of justice and Constitutional affairs minister Kahinda Otaffire who first labored to convince them await an official communication government within 3 months.

The minister had also proposed to the judicial officers to give him some time table the Administration of Justice Bill in parliament to be enacted into law so that the judiciary is independent of the public service.

The judges demand that the chief justice is paid 55 million shillings per month and the lowest officer who is the senior principle magistrate Grade two gets 12.6 million shillings.

This has come at a time when prosecutors from the Directorate of Public Prosecutions, had just returned to work from an industrial action following an agreement with government to raise their salaries in 3 months.