Journalists’ body demands increased public access to information

By Catherine Ageno

Ugandans today marks the international access to information day with a call on government to avail more information to members of the public through its various offices.

According to Mr. Robert Ssempala, the national coordinator of the Human Rights Network for Journalists, increasing citizens’ access to information held by the government can act as a powerful check on corruption and other social evils.

A recent study by Twaweza’s Sauti za Wananchi initiative conducted between 24 and 30 November, 2017 shows that very few citizens are aware of laws and services that relate to information access and use.

The study that involved 1,980 respondents further shows that 2 out of 3 citizens say the media should be able to operate without government control and that very few are aware of laws that relate to information access and use.

Mr. Ssempala thus says more awareness campaigns on access to information legislation should be conducted by government to ensure that Ugandans’ right to access public information is not trampled upon.