Jinja Councilors have lauded the President for appointing the Kyabazinga as Ambassadors in his office.

Jinja Muncipal Council Councilors have lauded President Yoweri Museveni for appointing the Kyabazinga of Busoga and the Democratic Party national chairman as Ambassadors in his office.

The Councillors at a meeting chaired by speaker  Morison Bizitu said the appointment of Prince William Nadiope Gabula and Baswari Mohammad Kezaala is  very vital to the development of Busoga.

‘’The appointment of Mr Kezaala who is also a former Mayor of this council and Kyabazinga as Ambassadors by president Museveni will help Busoga benefit more than before  therefore this council is apppreciative’’said Mr Bizitu the speaker.

Mr Bizitu who was also charing council said besides benefiting Busoga as a whole, Mr Kezaala who lost the Mayor seat to NRM’s Majid Batambuze has been put off the hook of unemployment.
Kezaala was in court of appeal  with Mr Batambuze seeking to over turn the ruling in the Jinja High Court that had thrown out apetition filed by Kezaala shortly after the election in 2016.
Both Kezaala  and Kyabazinga  have verbally accepted  the presidential appointments  announced last week.
Cultural and political critics including Busoga Bulale Youth group urge that the appointment of the duo is bound to weaken their powers in the offices they have been holding.