Jilted lover gets community service for kidnapping children

The woman convicted of kidnapping her former lover’s children has been sentenced to two months community service.

21-year old Jamilah Nabatanzi appeared before Mwanga11 Court Grade One Magistrate Morris Ezra Obura and asked for leniency.

The magistrate based his decision on the fact that she was remorseful, is a first time offender and did not waste court’s time.

She will be required to clean up the KCCA Rubaga office for two hours daily.

Nabatanzi who earlier pleaded guilty, told court that she was sorry and did not intend to hurt the children and according to a police report, the children are in good condition.

The three kidnapped juveniles are Rebecca Wamboka, Rachael Muduwa and Marion Matenza.

Nabatanzi kidnapped the juveniles on 17 November, 2014 at City Parents School and secretly confined them at Ndejje.

She claimed that she took the children because their father had neglected a child he had with her.