Janet orders for list of un-promoted qualified teachers.



The minister of Education Ms Janet Museveni Kataha has instructed the Uganda National Teacher’s Union to generate the list of qualified teachers who have not been promoted in schools they are operating from across the country.

This followed a report by UNATU that most teachers who went back to higher institution to upgrade on their academic are up to date still earning the same salary and majority of them have never been promoted in their respective schools.

During UNATU’s annual high level stakeholders meeting that was held at the Office of the President on Friday, The secretary general of the union Mr James Tweheyo raised concerns that due to corruption, only a few highly placed teachers have been promoted because they have relatives in the Ministry of Education leaving out the qualified teachers who have been in the system for along time.

Ms Janet admitted that the issue of care takers promoting only their relatives  in her ministry has been witnessed arguing that it is being handles and that the culprits will be brought to book.


At the same function, Ms Museveni challenged teachers to put in more efforts towards improving the quality of education in the country rather than concentrating more on demanding for salary Increments.

She highlighted that there are very many developing countries which do not have resources like Uganda but they are performing miracles because they are patriotic.

has urged the teacher across the country to desist from thinking about salary increment but rather concentrate on improving the quality of education in the