Jamwa released on bail

Former NSSF MD David Jamwa has been granted bail by the Court of Appeal.

 He has been asked to pay 10 million Shillings cash and to sign court bond worth 500 million shillings not cash.

 Jamwa has been released, pending determination of the appeal challenging his conviction and sentence.

 The former NSSF MD was sentenced to 12 years in jail after court convicted him on charges of abuse of office and causing financial loss of 3 billion Shillings.

 Justice Augustine Nshimye has also asked Jamwa to add his wife Christine Jamwa to the list of five sureties, since the land title being used as security in the case is her names.

 The six sure have also been asked to execute bonds worth 500 million Shillings not cash while Jamwa will have to report to the Court every last working day of the month.

 He will also have to submit the title for land comprised at Block 255, Plot 834 Munyonyo, which is valued at 400 million Shillings as security.

 Justice Nshimye said he referred to Jamwa conduct during his trial before the Anti-Corruption Court, adding that he was convinced that he would not run away.

 The ruling has been read by the Court of appeal registrar Alex Ajiji on behalf of the Judge.

Story by Ruth Anderah