IPod summit chairman threatens to call off meeting

By Damali mukhaye.

The chairperson of the IPod summit Nobert Mao has threatened to call of the meeting in the next 30 minutes if president Museveni does not turn up .

The meeting which was slated to kick off at 9 am has been dragged by president Museveni who also doubles as the NRM national chairperson who has reportedly been in cabinet meeting.

Speaking to journalists, Map says that President Museveni has under looked the summit since he was aware about this meeting but he decided to attend cabinet.

He says that since the other representative from others parties including UPC,JEEMA and some members of NRM have been here since morning, he is going to propose a motion to postpone the meeting to another date of Museveni does not arrive in the next minute.

FDC has not turned up for the meeting.