Institutional failure cripples Uganda

Rtd. Bishop Zac Niringiye. (Internet photo)
Rtd. Bishop Zac Niringiye. (Internet photo)

BY JUDITH ATIM The government’s budgeting has become a ritual and can no longer work. This is according to renowned activist Retired Bishop Zac Niringiye who says the government’s budgeting is not a true reflection of how it plans for the citizens.

“Tomorrow they are going to issue supplementary budgets, bloat expenditure for statehouse, ministry of defence and police, while education and health will be the first places to suffer,” he said.
He was speaking to KFM in relation to the proposed increase in UPE funding.

While appearing before the parliamentary committee on education on Tuesday, Education Minister Jessica Alupo revealed plans to increase the UPE capitation grant from 7,000 to 10,000 effective July this year.

However, Retired Bishop Niringiye argues that Uganda’s biggest problem is institutional failure, which he says will continue to cripple service delivery especially in key sectors like education and health.

“Do you know what in reality reaches a child in any of the schools in this country? The national average is around 4,000 to 4,500. When Jessica Alupo says 7,000 was made available how much reached the child? When she says Shs.10,000 is available, the truth of the matter is a child never sees the 10,000,” he added.