Inspectorate of Government to investigate Kilembe Mines concession

By Nelson Wesonga

The Finance ministry has asked the Inspectorate of Government to investigate if Tibet Hima Mining Company Limited, a Chinese company, compromised some individuals to bag the Kilembe Mines concession.

The State minister for Investment, Evelyn Anite says if found that some individuals were indeed compromised, appropriate action should be taken against them.

Last week, the Leader of the Opposition in Parliament Winnie Kiiza, questioned the award of the concession to what she called “quack investors”.

During debate on the matter last week, Kiiza said although the company should, from 2013, have been remitting a $1 million dollar concession fee to the government annually, it has not been doing so.

She also said that the Chinese have been collecting rent from Kilembe’s housing estate, earning from the sale of electricity in Kasese District, scrap and from poles.

The Daily Monitor had earlier reported that President had ‘cancelled the mining firm’s contract’ after he got Intel that a former minister been given a Shs3.5 billion bribe to influence the deal.