Importation of electricity from Rwanda to be stopped

By Robert Muhereza.

Plans are under way to stop the importation of hydroelectric power from Rwanda to supply Kisoro town because it has proved to be unreliable to local residents in the area that use it for domestic
and cottage industries.

The UMEME engineer for Kisoro district Naboth Aine revealed this on Monday as he presented a paper before the district council on the plans  underway to reduce load shedding in the district after the leaders complained that it is hurting service delivery especially in the health and business sectors.

Power to supply Kisoro has been imported from Rwanda for years now.

However, according to Aine this is now changing since Rwanda is pushing for rural electrification thus the rampant load shedding being experienced in Kisoro.

He says plans are underway to connect Kisoro district on the main grid from Jinja through Kabale district.

Uganda imports 0.395Megawatts of hydro power from Rwanda to supply Kisoro town and in turn exports about 1.3Mega watts of hydro power to the same country through Katuna border town.

The health committee chairperson for Kisoro district council Expedito Byensi said load shedding has hindered the delivery of health
services especially in Kisoro hospital as it is required in sterilizing theatre equipment and for patients on oxygen.