IGP sued by A security guard for framing him and wrongfully parading him before the press

By Ruth Anderah:

A security guard has sued  IGP Kale Kayihura  accusing him of framing and wrongfully parading him before the press as the ring leader of the infamous “Bijambiya” group that terrorises people in Kampala and Masaka district.

Grace Bukenya formerly  a security guard at  New Nana hostel in Makerere says he was arrested by Old Kampala police  station in  April  this year  on suspicions of writing chain letters ( bibaluwa)  on which he would base to attack and murder people using pangas, harmmers and sticks .

That before he was transferred to Nalufenya police station,  on 23rd /April the IGP Kale Kayihura  held a press conference and paraded him as the leader of the infamous Bijambiya  Gang that maims, robs people in the country.

Bukenya says while in Nalufenya , he was held incommunicado for 6 weeks without access to his friends , family and lawyers until he was released without any charges being  preferred against him .

Owing to the above, Bukenya now wants court to order IGP Kayihura  pay him damages  and  apologize to him for his damaged reputation since he lost his job as a security guard at New Nana hostels on top of  surviving  being  lynched twice by the wanaichi.