IGP bans information sharing between police and other security agencies


The Inspector General of Police, Gen Kale Kayihura, has issued an order restraining all police officers regardless of the rank from sharing police information to sister agencies.

In his February 21st letter, Gen Kayihura says he has learnt that several police officers have secretly been summoned by sister agencies to avail information, while others have revealed police secrets to other agencies at own will.

He warns that disciplinary action will be taken against all those involved in such acts.

A police source said Gen Kayihura’s decision was prompted by driven by the fact that close to 200 police officers have been secretly interrogated by security agencies like Internal Security Organization and Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence, a claim Daily Monitor could not independently verify.

Several police officers have in the recent past been arrested by CMI over alleged involvement in crimes like repatriation of refugees to neighboring countries.