IGP asked to withdraw guns from private individuals

The chairperson of National peasants party Segujja Erias Has called upon the inspector general of policeĀ Gen Kale Kayihura to withdraw all the guns which are owned by private individuals.

The call follows the shooting which transpired at lugogo mall which left one Akena dead.

Addressing journalists in Kampala, Segujja says reckless killings in the country by guns have increased because the guns in the wrong hands of some selfish individuals and if nothing is done,more and more people are u going to be killed.

He explains that some people are still owning guns that are in functional and out of use and this I’d very dangerous hence all guns both heavy and light should be withdrawn from the public, burn the ones which expired and re-register all those who want to own guns afresh.

He says police should interrogate Kanyamunyu who is alleged to have shoot Akena to ensure that he speaks out where he got that gun from,was he the only good Samaritan at the scene by that time and who is he to own a gun.