IGG decries the changing face of corruption

Anti-corruption agencies in Uganda are faced with a new challenge of the changing face of graft.

Launching the anti-corruption week at the media breakfast this morning, the Inspector general of government Irene Mulyagonja said the vice is now taking more complicated forms which she describes as syndicated corruption.

She cites the Katosi-Mukono road project and OPM scandal as classic examples involving suspects from different countries.

She is now calling for concerted efforts from all government departments and the media fight all forms of graft.

Speaking at the same event, the Ethics and Integrity Minister Fr. Simon Lokodo has described corruption as a cancer that needs urgent treatment.

“Corruption has eaten up the core moral fiber of society” said Fr Lokodo.

Fr.Lokodo has thus called upon the public to step up efforts in reporting the corrupt officials to the responsible authorities for action.

Uganda is ranked the most corrupt country in East Africa according to transparency international corruption index report for 2013.

The Anti Corruption Week runs from December 2nd to 9th December under the theme “accelerating the fight against corruption, a collective responsibility”