Identification of boat accident bodies starts

Identification of bodies from the Saturday’s boat accident is underway.

Following the conclusion of the search operation, on Lake Albert were the accident occurred, the ministry of refugees and disaster preparedness has now embarked on verification of identities of the bodies before they are transported to the DR Congo.

The police commander marine James Apola says officials from the Office of the Prime Minister are working with their Congolese counterparts to expedite the process.

Over 110 Congolese refugees died on Saturday after the boat they were travelling on capsized at Ndaiga on their way to Ntoroko from Hoima

Meanwhile, beach managers are tasked to up their game in ensuring safety.

Following the Saturday boat accident, beach management teams have been asked to play a key role in ensuring safety of passengers.

The police director for emergency response Joseph Mugisa is now calling for strict adherence to safety guidelines like use of life jackets.