Human rights defenders castigate ministry of public service over over strict dress code

By Damali Mukhaye.

Human rights defenders have attacked the ministry of public services for concentrating on the dress code amidst other pressing issues affecting the country.

This is after the Ministry of Public Service directed all Permanent Secretaries and Chief Administrative Officers to enforce a strict dress code for all public servants.

Speaking to KFM, Executive Director  Foundation for Human Rights Initiative Dr Livingston Ssewanyana says although public servants are supposed to dress decently, the ministry should not dictate what one wears since it infringes on their rights.

He notes that the ministry should instead have focused on service delivery and other issues affecting the country like corruption, inequality rather than focusing all energies on the dress code.

According to the circular, female officers should avoid wearing sleeveless, transparent blouses and dresses at the work place, ensure that clothing covers up cleavage, navels, knees and back, not wearing  open flat shoes except on a doctor’s recommendation/medical grounds, wear bright colored hair, in form of natural hair, braids and hair extensions.

Meanwhile, male public officers are required to dress in neat trousers, long sleeved shirts, jacket and a tie.