Human Rights Report condemns torture

The Uganda Human Rights Commission has asked government to release the report into the Kasubi tombs fire.

Fire gutted the historic site in March last year but its cause has never been established. A commission of inquiry was established but its findings have also never been made public.

Presenting the Commission’s 13th Annual report to Parliament today, the chairperson Medi Kaggwa also called for compensation of the victims of the fracas that followed the inferno.

At least 2people died while several others sustained injuries as hundreds gathered at the tombs to pay their tribute.

The report released also notes an increase in the number of cases of illegal detention without trial and congestion in the various detention centers.

The commission which visited 707 detention centers also points out cases in which prison inmates continue to be subjected to hard labor.

The report further recommends increased staffing for the Directorate of Public Prosecutions to fasten the process and increase efficiency.

They are also calling for increased funding to enable the Commission increase sensitization on human rights.

Torture continues to feature prominently in the Human Rights reports, with renewed calls to have the Prohibition and Prevention of Torture Bill passed.

Story by Ben Jumbe