House Committee banishes MP over alleged extortion

The Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee has banished one of its own over alleged attempted extortion.

Yumbe MP Alioni Odria is accused of attempting to use his privileged position and prior knowledge of the committee plans for selfish monetary benefit by blackmailing an accounting officer into giving him a bribe in return for protection and soft questioning when they appear before the committee.

According to our sister paper Daily Monitor,The accounting officer, who has not been named, reported the matter to the Committee Chairperson, Angelina Osegge who acted swiftly.

A source in PAC told this newspaper that in order to save Mr Odria the embarrassment, Ms Osegge asked him to “go to his Whip and ask to be reassigned a different committee” as PAC members couldn’t have him anymore and also to avoid a clear conflict of interest when the accounting officer appears before them.

However, on Sunday, Mr Odria denied any wrongdoing, saying the report is false.