High Court summons school over negligence charges

The High Court has summoned Acorn International School directors to defend themselves on allegations that they neglected a toddler that drowned in a swimming pool.

According to the documents signed by the Court’s registrar, Festo Nsenga, the school and its directors have been given only fifteen days within which to defend themselves on the said allegations.

This is after the father of the two and half year old girl filed a suit against the school seeking an order compelling the above school to compensate him for the loss of his daughter Sunshine Barasa.

Andrew Barasa , says he was deprived of parenthood saying that the school ought to have put in place preventive measures like guarding the swimming pool in order to avoid pupils from accessing it.

Barasa has also sued the former class teachers of her daughter Deborah Akado and Owor Florence saying they shared equal responsibility with the school administration to care and protect Sunshine from any danger.