High Court postpones Namubiru appeal ruling

Nurse Rosemary Namubiru
Nurse Rosemary Namubiru

The High Court in Kampla has further postponed the ruling on an appeal filed by jailed nurse Rose Mary Namubiru.
Namubiru was convicted and sentenced to three years in jail after Buganda Road Court found her guilty of criminal negligence that could have led to infection of an infant with HIV.
Court ruled that Namubiru was criminally negligent when she used an intravenous needle on the child after pricking herself with the same needle.
In her appeal she insists that the trial magistrate Olive Kazarwe failed to properly evaluate the evidence on record and reached a wrong conclusion.
Her lawyer David Kabanda says they are ready to abide by the court’s decision.  64year Namubiru has been in prison since January 2014 to date.