High Court has ordered UNBS to pay its former ED Terry Kahuma 260m for wrongful dismissal

By Ruth Anderah

The High Court in Kampala has ordered the Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) to pay its former Executive Director Terry Kahuma 260 million shillings for wrongful dismissal.

This after Justice Lydia Mugambe ruled that Kahuma was condemned un heard by a commission of inquiry that was set up to investigate his alleged mismanagement of the bureau.

The Judge observed that Kahuma was never given an opportunity to understand the actual accusations against him, face his accusers, be legally represented or vigorously defend himself, hence condemning UNBS to pay him costs of the suit.

Justice Mugambe then quashed the findings of the commission basing in the above violation of Kahuma’s right to a fair hearing.

The judge reached the 260 million shillings award basing on the senior position Kahuma had held for ten years, his academic qualification as a PHD holder plus the embarrassment and inconvenience he suffered as a result of his termination.

Kahuma who is currently the Dean Faculty of Science and Technology at Victoria University filed this case in 2012 against UNBS and Attorney General.