Henry Tumukunde promoted & finally retired

Brig Henry Tumukunde has officially been retired from the army.

This has been confirmed by the UPDF spokesperson Lt Col Paddy Ankunda.

Ankunda says that before being retired, the former spy chief was promoted and is now a Lt General.

Tumukunde was in April 2014 freed by the UPDF General Court Martial but remained trapped in uncertainty regarding his retirement.

Tumukunde emerged from the shackles of bondage, walking to partial freedom after nine years of trial.

However, many argued that until he was finally retired from the army, the court pronouncement was not a real victory.

Tumukunde’s is not an isolated case, a number of senior army officers have fallen out with the establishment but after rehabilitation have returned to the fold.

Among them is the coordinator of Intelligence Services Gen David Sejusa whose application to retire from army was rejected by court in 1997.