Hearing of criminal cases in courts stalls as state prosecutors’ strike enters day two

By Ruth Anderah:

Hearing of criminal cases in courts around Kampala has stalled again as the state prosecutors’ strike enters day two.

Prosecutors through the Uganda Association of Prosecutors on July 17th 2017 issued a 90-day ultimatum to government to increase their salaries and secure promotions for those at lower ranks but have been serving for quite a long period of time.

According to them the 90 days elapsed on October 9th 2017 without any communication from government on promises it had made earlier through Justice Minister Kahinda Otafire.

Prosecutors earn between Shs 500,000 and more than shs 1,000,000 depending on one’s  rank.

This time round state prosecutors strike has entered day two and works in courts especially magistrates courts are palaryzed.

However cases   prosecuted by IGG,  Attorney General chambers and those  privately prosecuted by  lawyers  are  on-going.
However there is no clear communication yet on how long this industrial action will last.