Health experts speak out on age and leadership

Medical experts have spoken out on the raging age limit debate.

With many Ugandans questioning one’s mental and physical capabilities after the age of 75, health experts now say they are ready to give their opinion if sought.

The president of the Uganda Medical Association Dr.Ekwaro Obuku however says they can only do this at the request of the president.

This comes at a time Parliament is embroiled in a bitter row between MPs pushing for amendment of Article 102 (b) of the constitution to scrap the current 75 age limit for running for president, and those opposed to it.

Members of the ruling National Resistance Movement Parliamentary Caucus through Igara West representative Raphael Magyezi are set to present a motion tomorrow seeking leave of parliament to table a private members’ bill.

If considered, the bill will essentially give president Yoweri Museveni whose age is believed to be 73 lee way to seek re-election in 2021, which the opposition says is a ploy to give him life presidency.