Half of refugee population live in poverty

 By prossy Kisakye.

Half of the refugee population living in Uganda are living in extreme poverty

This is according to the Report informing the refugee policy response in Uganda launched today by minister for disaster preparedness and refugees Hilary Onek in Kampala

The survey was conducted by World Bank in collaboration with Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) and office of the Prime Minister (OPM).

While presenting the Report, James Muwonge, head of social economic surveys at UBOS said that about half of the refugee population in the country (48%) are living in poverty and refugees in West Nile experience the highest rate approximately 60% linked to host communities in Southwest and West Nile regions.

On the issue of labor, Muwonge said that the Refugees are untapped source of labor as currently 3 out of 4 Refugees are unemployed.