Half of A-level science students failed


One in two A-level students who sat for science subjects in last year’s Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) examinations failed, analysis of the results released yesterday shows.

The report of half of the 75,451 science students failed to obtain a principal pass.

This contrasts with the government’s spirited investment and rhetoric to promote sciences as a cornerstone of formal education in order to better skill Ugandans.

Despite this poor performance, education officials who presided over yesterday’s release of the A-level results did not pronounce themselves on how to quickly fix the problem, raising questions about government’s commitment to make its policy of prioritizing sciences work.

Students overall performed better in Literature in English, Christian Religious Education, Physics and Biology compared to previous year, Uneb reported.

Currently A-level students take a combination of three principal subjects either in Arts or sciences, plus one optional subsidiary.