Gulu starts crackdown on locals drinking as early 7am

By James Owich

Gulu has started a crackdown on individuals who visit local drinking joints as early 7:00am contrary to the recent alcohol ordinance that was passed

The new regulation states that all local bars and drinking joints should open at 5:00pm and close by midnight.

In December 6th, 2016 as per the new regulation, no waragi packed in sachet was to be sold to consumers.

But locals have defied the new order forcing Gulu district officials to carry out arrest on individuals found drinking in the morning instead of impounding sachet waragi.

Mr Martin Ojara Mapenduzi, Gulu District LCV Chairperson, said with help of police, they will start arresting those who visit bars in the morning.

He noted that it may serve a great deal if one is arrested and charged for contravening the new regulation.

“Such individuals will be arraigned before the Magistrate’s Court where their fates will be determined,” he said.

The Archbishop of Gulu Archdiocese, Dr John Baptist Odama noted that the waragi is not only destroying future generation but families as well.