Govt sued over non translated constitution

By Prosy Kisakye.

City Lawyers Martins Kiryaand Micheal Aboneka have dragged Government to the High court in Kampala, seeking orders compelling it to translate the Constitution into 56 local languages of the Tribes in Uganda.

These argue that since the Constitution was made in 1995, government has unreasonably and deliberately failed in its duty to cause the translation of the Constitution so that each Ugandan can get to know their rights, and is not caught on the wrong side of the law.

They want Court to give Government only two years within which to immediately commence or draw plans to complete the translation of the constitution.

They also want government to consider the visually impaired persons and the deaf while translating the constitution.

The suit has been filed through Thomas and Micheal Advocates, and received by the Court’s Registrar who is yet to summon the Attorney General of Government to file his defense in 15days.