Government put to task following Kirumira’s murder

By Ritah Kemigisa.

The leader of opposition in parliament Betty Ochan has condemned the murder of the former Buyende DPC Muhammed Kirumira but insists that the struggle for change continues.

Ochan expresses disappointment that government has done nothing tangible to prevent such killings that have been done in a similar manner.

She says there is a lot of insecurity in the country tasking government to urgently address this problem since no one deserves to die in such a manner.


The lord Mayor Erias Lukwago has attributed the assassination of Mohamed Kirumira to the state that failed to take the threats and concerns the deceased raised not serious.

According to Lukwago the deceased before he was gunned down alleged that he was being trailed by people with ill intentions of killing him.

Lukwago says it was the duty of the police and the state to accord him protection when he raised these concerns.

Now, the citizens coalition for electoral democracy has called for an urgent need to rebuild and support a broad-based democratic rule of law in order to create sustainable security in the Country.


According to the coalition’s coordinator Crispin Kaheru, Kirumira’s death brings a lot of sadness and frustration to the citizens of Uganda.


He says the unending incidents of insecurity are leaving many Ugandans to live in fear tasking government to fulfil its duty of protecting the lives, rights of all Ugandans.

Kaheru described the late Kirumira as a brave Young Lion who was fearless and professional and yet his blistering roars against injustice struck deep fear in the camp of impunity.