Gov’t introduces new charges for Buses and taxis

By Ritah Kemigisa.

Government has introduced new user park fees for Buses and taxis in Uganda which take effect this financial year.

Briefing journalists at the Uganda media center about the resolution reached by government, the minister for local government Jennifer Namuyangu said each taxi will pay shs 840,000 per year.

She says town service taxis exclusively plying within Kampala shall pay Shs 720,000 while Taxis plying two urban authorities but not coming to Kampala will pay Shs 840,000

The money paid is to be shared between local government and KCCA on a 40% to 60% ratio.

She meanwhile said buses irrespective of which route they use will each pay an annual fee of Shs 2.4 million.

Namuyangu said the new charges will stop multiple taxation and daily levies on taxis and will also harmonize taxation systems of KCCA and local government.

960 buses and 34,000 taxis are estimated to be in Uganda.