Govt fails to fill 157,200 job positions

By Moses Kyeyune.

Government has failed to hire employees to fill up to 157, 229 vacancies, leaving speculation on its commitment on job creation and improving employ-ability for the citizenry.

According to the 2018 report of the auditor general, out of the total Government staff establishment of 469,216 positions, only 311,987 positions were occupied across ministries, departments and agencies.

The auditor general John Muwanga noted that inadequate staffing affects the timely implementation of entity activities and may adversely impact on the sectors in the achievement of their strategic objectives, in addition to hindering service delivery.

The major staffing shortfalls were registered in districts, Public Universities and Directorate of Public Prosecutions with staffing levels of only 30, 40 and 41 percent respectively which are far below the recommended minimum staffing level of 65 percent.

Police and Prisons are equally substantially affected and according to the report, the shortfalls require urgent attention.