Government to lose over 38 million shillings

The High court has ordered Government and two doctors attached to Mulago Hospital to pay 38.5million shillings to a couple as compensation for depriving them the joy of having a child.

This after Justice Elizabeth Musoke confirmed that the stillbirth and ruptured uterus suffered by a one Kate Namakula in February/2011 was caused by the negligence of Dr. Nsubuga and Dr. Mbulangira Peace Mary.

Kanyamugule Siras and his wife Kate Namakula of Lugeye – Kakiri Town Council argue that on the morning of 10th/Feb/2011 they went for antenatal services at Mulago Hospital, and upon being scanned it was discovered that the child was alive, but she had reduced amount of fluid in the uterus and an emergency caesarean section delivery was recommended.

While at the labor ward she started getting contractions and labor pains and asked Dr. Nsubuga why she was not being taken to the theater yet they were taking in other women who had arrived after her, but she was told to wait.

To their surprise after three hours Dr. Nsubuga informed her of how his shift had ended and that she should wait for the Doctor on the next shift to help her; but she was not attended to until the next day 11th .Feb.2011 when Dr. Mbulangina Peace Mary made two checkups on her at 10am and 7pm but did not take her to theatre.

It was against this background that around 10pm Namakula suffered a still birth without assistance from any one.

Justice Musoke noted that the delay to perform an emergency C section on Nakamate for more than 24hours resulted into the said injuries that are inexcusable regardless of the circumstances and she will never conceive again.