Government searches for alternative funding

The government of Uganda has already started searching for alternative sources of funding following the announcement of aid cuts by the United States.

Last week the United States cut aid to Uganda, imposed visa restrictions and cancelled a regional military exercise in response to what they called a Ugandan law that imposes harsh penalties on homosexuality.

However, the presidential advisor on political affairs Moses Byaruhanga says they are yet to analyze the US announcement before any decision can be made.

Byaruhanga adds that announcement is a wake-up call to all Ugandans to always strive to cater their own needs.

While for political analyst, Dr. Christopher Twesigye, the imposition of sanctions by US on Uganda should be an eye opener to the government.

“These sanctions go beyond the bill and show the US disappointment with the current government’s impunity”, says Dr. Twesigye.

He adds that there is a possibility of withdrawing the sanctions if government starts to uphold the rule of law.

Although government has described the US decision as regrettable, it maintains that there are still more areas of cooperation between the two countries and continues to dialogue with other partners in this regard.