Government not responsible for the welfare of refugees.

By Benjamin Jumbe:

Government says it is not responsible for the welfare of refugees.

This is according to the refugees, relief and disaster preparedness minister Eng Hillary Onek who was in regard to protests by some South Sudanese refugees in Nyumanzi and Nakivale settlements.

The refugees were protesting allegedly because of food rationing and poor housing conditions respectively.

Speaking to KFM, Onek said government’s role is to provide security while the issue of welfare is taken care of by the United Nations and other partners.

The United Nations High Commission for Refugees yesterday renewed its call to the international community to increase funds to Uganda to enable the agencies meet the basic needs of the refugees.

During a recent visit to Imvepi settlement camp in Arua District, the UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres said there was need for the world leaders to contribute to the management of the refugees and not leave it to Uganda government solely.