Government honors valentines day and sponsors eight couples

By Stephen Otage.

As lovers cris-crossed the city this morning shopping for gifts to exchange with each other, government decided to honor and sponsor weddings of eight couples.

By 11:00am, the 5th floor of the Registrar General’s office at GeorginaHouse along George Street, was filled to capacity by the bridal entourages of the wedding couples waiting for the ceremony which was presided over by Mercy Kainobwisho, the director intellectual property.

The government through the office of the registrar general, conducts civil marriages which are recognized under the law.

Ordinarily, the couple only pays Shs 260, 000 for registration and gives the bureau three weeks’ notice.

However, according to Kainobwisho, they have fully sponsored the couples of Ugandan and Eritrean origin plus a dinner for 20 guests at Protea Hotel using a budget got off their workshops and hotel budget.

An ordinary wedding in Kampala costs about Shs20 million.

A Kampala wedding entails a convoy of hired vehicles which costs not less than Shs1million to move guests from the church to reception venue which in most cases is also hired.