Government explains fuel prices, tells demonstrators to go ahead

By Damali Mukhaye.

The government has explained the sky rocketing fuel prices calling for calm among Ugandans.

This is after the opposition Forum for Democratic Change threatened to rally masses to demonstrate in protest of the high fuel price, accusing government of turning a deaf ear to the cries of its people.

Energy and Mineral Development minister Irene Muloni tells KFM that the prices are dictated by the international market price of crude oil which now stands at USD 70 per barrel.

This has pushed local pump prices up by an average of 300 shillings.

The minister says that unfortunately there is not much government can do to control fuel prices and that the trend is not about to change.

Motorists within Kampala are buying a litre of petrol at a market average price of 3,950 shillings while those upcountry, especially in western and northern Uganda, are now paying up to 4,000 shillings for a litre of petrol.