Government committed to improve transport infrastructure

The Ministry of works and transportation is asking government to focus on the construction of new roads to facilitate development.

This request was made by Monica Azuba the minister of this ministry while launching AMMANN road work products in Uganda yesterday.

Azuba said that Uganda being a landlocked country, road transport is the dominant mode of transport that carries over 95% of cargo and passengers freight.

The government should aim at facilitating the construction of more roads to eliminate traffic jam that could hinder development and slow down business especially in urban areas. She added

The minister also asked the government to widen express ways like the Kampala- Jinja.

Kampala- Entebbe and Kampala- Mpigi and develop regional road corridors such as the corridor from Malaba- Kampala- Mbarara- Katuna among others.

She further commended the government for its commitment to developing and promoting an efficient and safe transport infrastructure to facilitate economic activities and provision of social and administrative services but asked it to prioritize more transport infrastructure.