Government committed to fighting corruption

By Benjamin Jumbe.

Finance minister Matia Kasaija has maintained that the Uganda government is committed to fighting corruption and several measures have been put in place to ensure success.

This comes after anti-corruption Watchdog Transparency International last week during release of its annual corruption perceptions index accusing many African governments of not doing enough to fight the vice.

The 2017 Global Corruption Index Report placed Uganda at position 151 in the ranking, the same position it was in last year, scoring only 26 percent.

Speaking to journalists in Entebbe on the sidelines of the ongoing 25th Annual East and Southern African Association of Auditor Generals Minister Kasaija admitted that corruption remains a challenge but quickly added that great strides had been taken in curbing the vice with more to be done.

The state minister for ethics and integrity, Rev Fr Simon Lokodo has also come out and accused the Transparency International of persistent negativity towards Uganda and its fight against corruption.