Government Chief Whip vows to amend order paper

By Ibrahim Manzil & Moses Kyeyune

The Chief Government Whip Ruth Nankabirwa has vowed to amend the order paper to accommodate MP Raphael Magyezi’s motion.

Nankabirwa says no government will legislate itself out of power, putting what he described as the “minority opposition” on notice.

She has assured members that motions for the amendment of the order paper will be moved in the House this afternoon.

This move comes after a drastic announcement by Magyezi earlier today that he would seek an explanation from the presiding officer, should his motion dodge the order paper once again.

The NRM, sources say, were emboldened and have vowed to not create an impression of defeat to the opposition.

Meanwhile, Members of parliament representing the army have resolved not to openly participate in the controversial amendment of the Constitution so as to avoid further fueling of tensions.

The UPDF Caucus earlier held a closed door meeting, chaired by Gen Elly Tumwine.

One of the officers speaking on condition of anonymity tells KFM that individual members will be allowed to vote on the motion, should it make it to the floor, or abstain and remain neutral.

In 2005 during the lifting of the Presidential term limits, one of the
army MPs, Col Fred Bogere, abstained, stirring a lot of controversy on his loyalty to the Commander in Chief.