Gishu man who had been evading the knife circumcised by force


A 36 year old Gishu  man in Mbale district who had been evading the knife for the past years was ambushed at his home and circumcised by force.

The father of four (whose identity has been concealed) a resident of Busiu village in Busiu sub county-Mbale district is said to have been running away from the village every time circumcision season approached. According to Bagisu traditions, boys undergo the cut. The cultural practices ushers boys into adulthood. According to David MASABA a local surgeon who circumcised the victim confirmed the incident and said a group of Bamasaba was concerned with their colleague who had not been circumcised at his age. He added that the victim was ambushed by a group of circumcised Bamasaba comprising of youth and BODA bodas on his orders. According to the reporter Yahudu Kitunzi who witnessed the forceful circumcision the angry Bamasaba smeared the victim with mud as per the traditional. He was later forced to walk naked about 2km and they forced him to dance as they sang traditional circumcision songs.